Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Lipstick I'm Loving

The season wouldn't be complete without showing you my current favourite autumnal lipstick. The lipstick in question is Ruby Shimmer by Bobbi Brown. This is the first lipstick I have ever purchased from the brand and I have to say I am very impressed with it. It applies smoothly and the texture on the lips is very creamy, which is nice as darker colours are usually quite drying on the lips. When wearing this lipstick I don't feel the need to wear a lip liner as it is very easy to apply because of the butter like formula and doesn't seep out of the lip line. What really attracted me to this lipstick was the beautiful colour; a red berry with reflective purple shimmer. This unique multidimensional colour is very different to the typical matte colours everyone favours at this time of year. I'm quite pale and I think the colour is perfect for my skin tone and isn't too harsh looking so I feel comfortable wearing it in the day too. When the colour fades, it fades evenly without becoming patchy and obvious, allowing peace of mind that you don't constantly have to touch up when wearing it!
I can't wait to check out some more lipsticks from Bobbi Brown, as this one was a definite winner!


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