Friday, 24 October 2014

Cheap & Cheerful Cream Eyeshadow

As much as I love my high end products, I am equally partial to a drug store bargain.. Enter the Maybelline 24Hr Colour Tattoo! These little gems are gel cream eye shadows, which swipe onto the lid beautifully leaving you with a long lasting, vibrant colour. The price of these are only £4.99 which I find hard to believe as the pigmentation of these match those of higher end brands, with price tags quadruple the amount of money.
One of the main things I love about this product is how versatile they are; I use them for multiple different things. When I'm in a rush, or just want to do my makeup simply, these are perfect to pop all over the lid; a quick blend of the edges out into the crease and you're done. Another use for these is as an eyeliner, to add a pop of colour or as a subtle substitute for black. I also use these as bases for other eye shadows too, to darken eye looks or to add a metallic under tone.
The best way to apply these shadows to make the most of their pigmentation is with your fingers. If you apply with a brush initially you get a much more muted effect. I've also found that I do not need to use an eye shadow primer underneath these as their longevity is amazing, they simply do not budge!
'Permanent Taupe'

'On and On Bronze'

'Metallic Pomegranate'

'Pink Gold'
'Pink Gold', 'On and On Bronze', 'Metallic Pomegranate', 'Permanent Taupe'
As you can see from the swatches on my fingers, these colours come out just as pigmented as they were in the pot!



  1. I've got on and on bronze and it's one of the best products I've purchased without a doubt. Metallic Pomegranate looks so good too, might have to get that one!

    1. They're so good! I love Metallic Pomegranate, I've been using it loads lately in the Autumn, with a brown eye shadow in the crease :) X


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