Friday, 17 October 2014

Say Goodbye To Chipped Nails

There is nothing more frustrating than taking the care and effort to paint your nails beautifully, to find they are horrendously chipped the next day! I too was a victim of this until I discovered two products by Essie; the First Base Coat and the Good To Go Top Coat. Essie nail polishes are my all time favourite. Out of all the formulas I've tried they last on my nails the longest which when combined with the base and tops coats make an amazing combination. Ever since I brought these products I have used them every time I have painted my nails and found that they have had minimal chipping for about a week!
The First Base Coat you apply before your nail polish, and it dries within seconds. This creates a smoother surface for the nail polish to be applied on, which in turn makes the nail polish look much neater. It also acts as a primer for the varnish, helping with the staying power.
After I have finished putting the colour on my nails (I typically do 2 coats) I will then apply the Good To Go Top Coat. This also dries super speedily, locking in the colour allowing it to stay chip free. This makes the nails look lovely and glossy. I also think this strengthens my nails, reducing peeling and nail breakage, which is an added bonus!
These two steps are so simple to add into your manicure routine, with hardly any time cost.. what is there to loose?  



  1. Chipped nails are so annoying! I will have to try this out! x

  2. so happy you posted this! just added to my new products list to give it a try!!!

    - D xo /


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