Thursday, 2 October 2014

Travelling Europe | Bronze Boar in Florence

After we finished taking the typical poesy Leaning Tower of Pisa pictures, we moved on to the beautiful city of Florence.
We took a walking tour and got a feel for the city, learning about the buildings of the Florence Cathedral and where the rare, colourful marble came from. One of my favourite things about Florence was the leather markets; I loved wandering around the stools looking at all the different bracelets, hand bags and purses and we even learned how to haggle the prices a little which was fun. The other thing I loved about Florence was the food. Pizza and Gelato, need I say anymore..
I don't have to feel too blue about leaving Florence as legend says if you touch the famous Bronze Boar fountain, you are destined to return to the wonderful city.
Florence Cathedral

Florence Cathedral

Porcellino - The Bronze Boar Fountain

View from the Ponte Vecchio bridge, over the Arno River

 Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Yummy Gelato!

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