Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Travelling Europe | Canyon Jumping & Austrian Beer Festival

I said goodbye to Germany, and hello to Austria!
The main event of my time here was Canyon Jumping, which entails hurling your body off of waterfalls into the unknown water below, yep, terrifying! Regardless of every inch of my body telling me not to, and seeing my best friend do the most award-winning, painful belly flop; I managed to summon the courage to jump. Of course, I copied my friends style and flopped into the water screaming and flapping my arms hysterically! Thinking the worst was over (it wasn't) next up was abseiling down waterfalls, in the dark. Instead of gracefully jumping down step by step at a time, I decided to go with the method of slamming my body into the rock until I got to the bottom - very smooth! Although I have painted this in a bad light, looking back on the experience I am glad I did it!
I somehow managed to coincide my visit to Austria with the date of a  beer festival that only happens once every 10 years! It was so fun to experience; all the locals were dressed up in their traditional Laderhosen outfits, dancing on the wooden benches and drinking beer by the Stein's whilst a live band played.
Lets just say my time in Austria was very eventful!
Canyon Jumping

Canyon Jumping

Canyon Jumping

Canyon Jumping

Beer Festival


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