Monday, 6 October 2014

Travelling Europe | Losing Myself In Venice

My last stop in Italy was Venice, and if I had to choose my favourite place of the country it would be here.
First thing you need to know about Venice is that you are 100% going to get lost, and that is a good thing! It doesn't matter how much you study a map, or try and follow the road street signs (most of which are actually fake), it will happen. I had the most enjoyable time wandering the winding, quirky little streets, popping into the small family owned shops - with no idea at all where I was heading.  Although the streets are packed with people, it didn't feel hectic - I think the tranquil canal running through the city is to thank for that.
Of course, as I was in Venice I had to go on a Gondola ride! It was a lovely relaxing way of getting to see a bit more of the place - really comfy too!



Water Ways

Leonardo Da Vinci Museum


Venetian Mask Shop

Gallerie dell'Accademia

View off a bridge of the canal

Statue of Nicolò Tommaseo

Water Ways

Saint Mark's Basilica

Winged Lion

Saint Mark's Basilica

 St. Mark's Square

St Mark's Square




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  1. Venice looks magical. I would love to go get lost in all those amazing streets, it is definitely on my to visit list xxx


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