Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Travelling Europe | Sweet life in Switzerland

Next we travelled to Switzerland, all the way to the Swiss Alps Region, and let me tell you the long journey was definitely worth it.
We stayed in little wooden cabins in a small village called Lauterbrunnen, situated in the Valley of the Swiss Alps. When I got off the bus I was simply speechless, surrounded by the beautiful view of the mountains - it didn't really feel real. We spent our time here exploring the valley, climbing up waterfalls and admiring the breath taking views. It was a perfect opportunity to relax a bit, as the majority of the places I visited on my trip were cities. My favourite thing about being here was the amazing locals, they were genuinely some of the nicest people I have ever met. I would definitely recommend coming here, it's not usually on the top of peoples list of places they want to travel too in Europe, but it is really a stunning place.
Swiss Alps

Valley in the Swiss Alps

Waterfall by our cabin

Clock tower in Lauterbrunnen


One of the cute little windows on all the cabins in Lauterbrunnen


Traditional cabins of the area

Trummelbachfelle Waterfalls

Jungfrau Mountain

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