Thursday, 13 November 2014

My Favourite Autumn Essie Nail Varnishes

 When regarding nail varnish colours, autumn is definitely my favourite time of year. I love all the dark tones, especially the vampy purples and deep reds! With a line of nail varnish like Essie, picking out colours can sometimes be a bit of an overwhelming task.. but don't worry, I've got ya! I thought I'd share with you all my favourite shades of the season in hope to inspire you to try something new, or maybe even save your from the tricky task of choosing.
  Jamaica Me Crazy
'a spirited magenta with shimmer'
Who says autumn always has to mean dark mattes? This beautiful sparkly magenta can add a pop of colour to any look.
Fishnet Stockings
'a spicy dark crème red'
A staple dark blood red that everyone needs in their collection. It's a classic and will always be in style.
'suit up in this deepest plum'
This is one of those colours that makes you think.. is it black? is it purple?
Sand Tropez
'a soft sandy beige'
A dark nude, sometimes simplicity is all you need. This is definitely one of my go to shades at the moment and as you can tell from the bottle, it's been very loved!
Jamaica Me Crazy, Fishnet Stockings, Luxedo, Sand Tropez



  1. I love these shades, especially for this time of year! I feel like these are colours that you definitely can't go wrong with! Great blog post :)

    Becky, x

    1. Yeah I feel like these 4 nails varnishes are all I need at the moment! Thank you X

  2. Luxedo is such a gorgeous color! will go so well with anything :)


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