Sunday, 21 December 2014

Another Christmas Nails Post..

Around a month ago I posted a little Christmassy Primark haul (post here) and you were all quite interested in it, so I thought I'd follow up the post by showing you a pair of the false nails actually on my fingers! I took this photo before I cut the nails down to size as I have to be honest that I am pretty hopeless with really long nails, and they end up flicking off left, right and centre! In terms of quality, I'm really impressed with these nails considering they only cost £1! They're not too flimsy and I managed to find the perfect size for each of my fingers in the pack. I found them really easy to cut and file down to size, so in my opinion Primark falsies are a winner. This is my second festive nail post in a row, but when is there a better time to experiment with your nails than at Christmas?! I'm heading off to London tomorrow for a short getaway before Christmas with my boyfriend, and thought that these would be perfectly fitting for the occasion!

I couldn't resist showing you how cute they are!


  1. They're so cute, and look like you did it yourslelf (in a good way!) xx

  2. so cute and festive! i love it :)

  3. Super festive and there really look like you did them yourself :)


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