Friday, 19 December 2014

Festive Nails Of Choice

Usually when it comes to Christmas nails I'm all about the bright in your face reds and silver glitter, but this year I thought I'd go down a slightly different route. Like everyone else, this year I have been totally obsessed with rose gold everything, I just think it's such a beautiful alternative to gold which I've never been too keen on. I've taken this obsession into nail form, and when I saw in Boots that Essie did a rose gold-esque glitter I was sold instantly! In terms of colour, the polishes are definitely slightly more pink but in the light they shimmer with gold undertones which just look so gorgeous! The satin effect of 'Buy Me A Cameo' resembles to me a shiny bauble. I applied the 'A Cut Above' glitter to an accent nail to add a little bit of sparkle without going overboard.. plus we all know how much of a pain glitter varnish is to remove!
I think these colours were a match made to be and will be a staple in my ever-growing Essie collection for Christmas' to come!


  1. This looks so cute! I love it :)

  2. I love rose gold! Never really thought of it as a Christmassy colour but after seeing this mmind has been changed :)

  3. I love Essie's glitter polishes! Something about glitter (no matter the colour) is so christmasy and festive!

    Mikayla :)


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