Tuesday, 2 December 2014

For The Girl Who Adores Eyeliner

I was browsing the Feel Unique Christmas gift section (which is looking amazing this year may I add) and I came across a gem from Urban Decay - a pack of 10 eyeliners all for only £35! The set contains 9 miniatures, which is about 2/3 of a full size and a full size of the famous black perversion eyeliner. They even popped in a pencil sharpener for good measure too! Not only do I think that this is such good value but it also allows you to try a wide range of colours, some shimmery and some matte.
Before purchasing this set I had three eyeliners from the range, one of them being perversion. The texture of these are so creamy and when applied do not drag at all on the lids. They are also strongly pigmented, and with one sweep they give you their full colour. Before the eyeliners dry you have a short period where you can smudge them out, allowing you to create versatile looks. The longevity of these is true to their name - they do not budge!
I think these would be a perfect gift for Christmas, especially for a girl who adores eyeliner, for someone who is interested in experimenting with makeup or maybe even just starting out. There's some really nice gold and silver shades in the selection, perfect for the festive period.
1) Stargazer, 2) Glitter Rock, 3) Smokeout, 4) Gonzo, 5) Faint, 6) Vacancy, 7) Moonspoon, 8) Mugshot, 9) Voodoo, 10) Perversion
The set includes..
1) Stargazer; soft metallic gold with dimensional sparkle
2) Glitter Rock; metallic pink with pink multidimensional sparkle
3) Smokeout; rich taupe-black satin
4) Gonzo; electric blue matte with tonal shimmer
5) Faint; warm taupe matte
6) Vacancy; bright metallic teal
7) Moonspoon; metallic grey with silver sparkle
8) Mugshot; light metallic taupe with slight pink shift
9) Voodoo; bright metallic purple with dimensional sparkle
10) Perversion; blackest black matte 


  1. The Vacancy shade looks so beautiful! xx


  2. I bought this set too! I love the gold - I find that it's a nice change from black, but not too crazy for everyday wear.

    xo, Rochana | thatsaskgirl.ca


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