Saturday, 13 December 2014

The Understated Christmas Lip

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lip Gloss in 'Mistletoe Kisses'
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When you think of festive makeup you think of the classic bright red sparkly lip, which is perfect for the occasion such as a Christmas party but for everyday it is not always appropriate. When Tanya Burr announced that she was releasing a limited edition lip gloss for Christmas I simply had to get my hands on it as the quality of her other lip glosses are amazing. The colour of course is a bright red (with a pink undertone) with a golden shimmer running through it. The reason why I love this so much is that the colour is buildable allowing you to have a subtle wash of red or a bolder more opaque look. This quality makes it so easy to wear during the day, adding a splash of colour to your makeup. The glitter in this isn't too much that you look over the top, but is more of a glossy sheen.
The texture of this lip gloss is thick, but not sticky and in comparison to other lip glosses I own it lasts pretty well on my lips. Some of my favourite things about Tanya's lip glosses is their sweet scent and their applicators which seem to mould to your lips naturally, helping you to achieve a neat outline. Would I advise you kissing your loved one under mistletoe with this one? Probably not, unless you want smudged red all over your face! This is only £6.99 so it doesn't break the bank, so I would recommend picking this up before it is discontinued or becomes out of stock as this is really quite unique in my embarrassingly huge lip product collection!
One of my only complaints is that this is limited edition and not a part of her classic collection!



  1. Lovely review, I haven't got any of Tanyas Christmas collection yet, but I hope to soon xx

  2. I have not managed to find a superdrug that actually has any of Tanyas collection and I am so annoyed because all her products sound amazing!
    Lovely post :)


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