Monday, 12 January 2015

Room Decor Snippets

Over the last few months I've been revamping my room and trying to make it a little more homely. As you can probably see, my style is very much shabby chic inspired and I am a huge sucker for anything floral. I'm a sentimental person, so excuse all my soppy little touches such as my boyfriend and I's initials and the cute love plaque! My favourite thing is definitely my silver vintage style jewellery box; I love the intricate rose design and think it looks a lot more expensive than what I paid for it. I am in no way finished with decorating my room, but I'm heading in the right direction!
Home is where your crazy cat is.

Jewellery Box | Amazon
Clock | Cath Kidston
White Letters | Amazon
Pink Roses | Amazon
Love Plaque | Primark
Cat Plaque | was a gift.


  1. That jewellery box looks like something out of a fairytale, It's gorgeous! xx

  2. Wow! These are all gorgeous, your room must be beautiful!

  3. I absolutely adore that jewellery box!

    Mikayla :)

  4. I love your decor style, its so cute and pretty! xx

  5. I am in loooove with your jewellry box; it is so freaaaking cute. I really want to add more vintage decor to my room...even though I have nowhere else to put it. Your pictures and blog are fab!

    Love Charlotte xxx

  6. Your decor is the cutest! I really want to re-do my room, but I'm a hoarder to it is a big job! xx

  7. The decorations in your room are super adorable. I laughed when I saw the pic of your cat, how cuteeee :3
    Have a nice day! xx

  8. All these bits are super adorable and that jewellery box is absolutely divine. I love the picture of your cat at the end! Amazing haa! x


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