Friday, 27 February 2015

MAC | The Latest Additions

After watching and reading some vlogs/blogs recently, I was persuaded into making a little MAC order, and it didn't disappoint..

Yep.. opps! As if I don't own enough MAC neutral lipsticks already. Would you believe me if I said that they were different to any others that I already own? As for the brow pencil, I'm on a constant hunt for a shade that will be a good match for my brows that's not too red, not too dark and not too blonde.. it's a tricky one to get right!
I think the brow pencil in Lingering may be one of the closest colour matches for my eyebrows that I've ever found! The shade is a tad lighter than my brows which I like as it helps me get a natural finish that's not too harsh but dark enough to make them look fuller. MAC describe it as a soft taupe brown. The pencil is a swivel up so you don't have to sharpen it which is a god send as it's so hard to fill in your brows neatly if the pencil is blunt! The nib is very fine which allows precision to fill in individual hairs. It lasts on my brows all day and is fairly quick and easy to apply, so for me this was a amazing spontaneous purchase considering I didn't do any research into it!
Next up is Patisserie. After hearing Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup rave about this for what seems like forever, I finally bit the bullet and got it. Any recommendation of Lily and Anna is always a good one! I hate to use the phrase 'my lips but better' but that is what this colour is. It adds a little something; a tiny bit of shimmer and evens out your lips but is almost undetectable. I suppose you could say giving the lips equivalent of a good skin day. This has turned into my 'grab and slather on before I'm late for work' lipstick and I love it!
Finally, we have Sweet & Sour, a peachy light pink. Can you tell I'm lusting for Spring? This purchase was inspired by Corrie of dizzybrunette3 in her top lipsticks look book - it looked so gorgeous on her. I can't wait to whack this lipstick out when the sun eventually decides to reappear, it's one of those shades that really brightens up your face. The pigmentation of this is very good, one application and it's opaque so don't worry about it looking too cakey. You can also dab this on to get a more muted look (that's basically 2 lipsticks in one..)
Sweet & Sour on the right, Patisserie on the left
I need to stay away from MAC for a good few months now. We'll see how long I last!


  1. Swooning over the lip colors!! The perfect color to add just a little something to any outfit!

  2. Recently went to mac for the first time ever and accidently (not) bought 3 and now i'm obsessed! love these colours!

  3. These look lovely on you. Great haul x


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