Friday, 13 February 2015

The Blog Roll | February 2014

I decided to add a new regularly feature to my blog; the blog roll. Considering reading blogs is something I enjoy just as much as writing one, I thought it would be nice for me to share with you some that I have been enjoying at the moment. It's hard to wittle down my favourites, but here's my top 5 as of right now. Feel free to go over and show them some love!
♥️ Olivia Purvis | What Olivia Did |
If you adore beautiful photographs, then you must check out Olivia's blog. What Olivia Did is predominantly a personal style blog with a dash of travel, beauty and food thrown into the mix. I pretty much love any outfit she puts together and has definitely be inspiring my fashion choices lately!
♥️ Victoria Magrath | Inthefrow |
This purple haired beauty is a daily poster of all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle related. She's always up to date with the latest trends and new releases. In particular I've been loving her home ware posts as she's just moved house.
♥️ Amber Fillerup | Bare Foot Blonde |
Another beautiful personal style blog that has been a recent discovery. Amber has long, blonde hair to die for. She often posts amazing tutorials of different braids that look absolutely stunning. Hair goals to the extreme.
♥️ Corrie Swaffield | Dizzybrunette3 |
I love Corrie's blog for many reasons, one of them being because her posts are so chatty and talkative- it's kind of like catching up with a friend. She posts a lot about beauty and fashion, but my favourites of hers are her rants and gif posts! She also shares the same amount of love for Blair Waldorf and Taylor Swift as I do. 
♥️ Chantelle Hudson |
My last favourite is a smaller blog that I discovered around the same time that my blog, From Amber's View, was born. Chantelle's blog is mainly about beauty, and she gives a lot of good advice and reviews of products. I'd say her blog is definitely one to watch!


  1. Love these blogs too! I've nominated you for the sisterhood of the world bloggers award over on my blog so check it out and I can't wait to read your responces to my questions!! xxx

  2. Hi! I live your blog and I am new to the world of bloggers so I will be sure to check these out! Keep up the good work!
    -GirlOnABlog ;)


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