Friday, 5 June 2015

Essie Blanc | What's On My Nails

My new favourite nail polish at the moment is Essie Blanc, the whitest of whites. There's something so fresh about wearing white on your nails, it goes with everything effortlessly (especially with my newest obsession with monochrome everything). White is the new statement. I love the formula of this polish because unlike most others of it's type, it takes only two coats to go opaque. It also dries really quickly too which is a bonus - horray for no sticky smudged nails! I can't wait to take this on holiday to Greece because it'll look great with a tan.
On another note, I got a new camera! I am officially a proud owner of a Canon 700d after a lot of saving and research. I can't wait to get snapping away and create some more posts for you, I'm feeling very inspired! If anyone has any good lenses recommendations then let me know, cause I'm a bit of newbie with this fancy camera kinda thing.

A ♥


  1. Lovely photos and lovely nails too! I've heard such great things about this colour x

  2. Love how minimal the colour is but still looks great and makes a statement! x


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