Friday, 2 October 2015

Across The Charles Bridge


One of the most iconic landmarks of Prague and often what you see in all the pictures of the city is the Charles Bridge (I even bought a canvas of it because I'm just that obsessed with the view!) Although the bridge is jam packed with tourists and street vendors, you can see some beautiful sights of the city across the river and St. Vitus Cathedral spires peeking above all of the orange roofs. The Charles Bridge connects Old Town to the Lesser Quarter.

One of my favourite things about this part of the city is all the interesting art incorporated into the buildings. I loved this door that was shaped as a face that was the entrance to a little puppet shop; so quirky and unique! Puppet shops were a running theme throughout everywhere, and although they gave me the creeps a little they were interesting to look at nonetheless!

A thing to eat..
And that thing is a Trdelník! I had never heard or seen these before visiting Prague and there were being sold in shops and huts everywhere! They are cinnamon pastries rolled up, and you can add toppings such a nutella, caramel, toffee.. basically a dessert lovers dream! I went for caramel and it was so yummy, my friends didn't manage to finish their nutella ones saying it was a bit too rich but I had no problem finishing mine off!

Getting to St Vitus Cathedral is quite the hike up what seems like a million steps, but when you reach the top it's worth it for the view. You can look down on all the rooftops and basically see the whole of  the Lesser Quarter of Prague from the Petřín hill. It really is the most amazing view! The cathedral is just as beautiful with its gothic architecture; inside there are massive stained glass windows all of which tell their own story. Although seeing the landmarks were high up on my list, what I really liked about this area was simply just wandering around, going in all the little shops and just having a good old explore!
(St. Vitus Cathedral - III. nádvoří 48/2, 119 01 Praha 1, Czech Republic)


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