Monday, 5 October 2015

Why travelling with Topdeck is the best desicion you'll ever make..

Going on a group tour around Europe with the tour company Topdeck was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and here are some reasons why..
You get to visit a lot of different countries in a short amount of time
It's not very often in life you get opportunities to hop from one country to another without any interruptions, and although some times it can be a tad overwhelming I got to see so many countries that I thought I never would! I went on the 'European Wonder' trip for 2 weeks which started in London, stopping in at Paris, Switzerland, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Austria, Germany, Amsterdam and finally, Belgium! I got to see vast sceneries from cities to mountains and it was the perfect way to see which places I really enjoyed and wanted to explore more so I can go back again in the future!
It's less stressful
My friend and I had originally planned to travel Europe alone, but when it came down to planning it there is a lot to consider; from specific train times to different hostels - it can get very confusing. Travelling with a tour is a lot less daunting, although you don't get as much freedom with where you go and how long you stay in places (however, there are a lot of different tours on offer) you feel a lot safer with a group than what you would on your own.

I honestly didn't expect to make such good friends as I did on tour! Everyone just bonds instantly (literally within for first 2 days) and everything becomes a laugh! You get to meet people from different parts of the world that you probably would have never met otherwise! That brings me onto sharing a room, although it is nice to have a bit of privacy, sharing a room with 5 other people can actually be kind of fun! (like a big sleepover..?!)

The food
One of the best things about tour companies is that they know all there is to know, which means they know all the best places to eat! With Topdeck, for some meals in some destinations there are Topdeck chefs who cook for you, and I'm not talking about school canteen food, it was actually really nice! I never quite got my head around eating cheese for breakfast though.. only in Europe!

Awesome Tour Leaders
The tour leader on my trip, Rob, was the absolute best! He was uplifting, interesting and obsessed with Star Wars.. imagine being woken up to the Chewbacca song because that was my life! It's also really easy to find someone when they're holding a lightsaber in the air! Rob took us on lots of walking tours in the different cities and always had interesting knowledge that wasn't boring.

Exciting Opportunities
With Topdeck, at every destination you get the opportunity to opt into different activities, this varies from tours to extreme sports such a sky diving and paragliding! In Austria I decided to do Canyon jumping which basically entails jumping off waterfalls and abseiling into them.. I found it absolutely terrifying but nonetheless I'm glad I did it because it was never something I had expected to do!

Travel Days
Although the travel days are long (but that's always the case with travelling between different European countries) you get used to the long journeys and bus days become a much needed rest and a chance to catch up on sleep!



  1. Wow, you visited so many amazing places! The pictures are gorgeous :) xx
    Chasing Belle 23

  2. Where is the first picture from? Looks idyllic.


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