Friday, 4 December 2015

Giftmas | Yankee Candle

This wouldn't be a Christmas gift guide if I didn't chatter on about candles, because I mean who doesn't love candles? In particularly, candles with a festive scent. Yankee Candle have always been a brand that I love because their products always give off a good amount of scent for a price that doesn't make your bank account have a mini heart attack.

One idea is to buy someone a wax burner; this wooden one is super cute but you can get loads of different designs. How a wax burner works is you place a wax melt (that come in all different verities of gorgeous scents) in the dish on top and then you light a tea light underneath causing the wax to gradually melt.

I thought I'd talk you through some of my festive favourite scents from Yankee Candle to maybe get yourself inspired;
Christmas Cookie - this smells like amazing homemade baking condensed down into a candle! When I light this the smell sometimes even makes me hungry it's that good. It's really sweet and smells of biscuits with a bit of vanilla.
Christmas Memories - this also smells kind of foodie, but more along the gingerbread and cinnamon route but equally as nice! It's has a bit more of a kick of spice than Christmas Cookie but isn't too strong that it's overpowering. This particular candle gives off so much scent that I can smell it in the room without even lighting it and the fact that it's red makes it that little bit more festive!
Snow In Love - firstly, the name of this candle is so sweet! The scent of this one is a lot more subtle compared to the other two. It's nice and fresh with a hint of floral but kind of powdery.. a bit like snow really!

If you have any other scent suggestions that you think I would like then let me know because I'm always open to buying more!
Amber xo


  1. I love candles, especially during the winter time!

    Just Gigi Fashion

  2. I love Yankee Candles because they have the best scented candles! I think Christmas Cookie and Snow in Love are great scents!


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