Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Life Lately

I've been so busy lately that I feel like you guys have been left out of the loop, so here's some things I've been getting up too lately..

 My amazing friend Vicky has been the best at letting me attack her face with makeup lately! She has been so helpful with my makeup course! (if you happen to be reading this.. thank you so much! xo) 
 This pictures makes me feel SO grateful and unbelieably happy! My little blog has over 2000 followers and to me that seems completely insane! Thank you so much for following and big love to you all! xo 
 Can we just take a moment to appreciate all that Italian food does for us. SO. GOOD. (Ask Italian for anyone whose wondering!) 
 One of my beautiful best friends turned 21! I love her to bits!! 
 I got my first grade back from my QC Academy Makeup Course and got an A+! All my hard work paid off. Ian got me some pretty flowers - he's the best! xo  
 Second food pic of this post.. is anyone surprised?! Brunches with Ian are always my fave. 
 and last but by no means least, a cute picture of my grumpy cat. The world always needs more pictures of cute cats! 

I hope you're all having the best week! Love <3

Amber xo


  1. Love the photo heavy post ! Congrats on your grades x

  2. nice post,the photos are amazing x


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