Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hotel du Vin | 21st Birthday

.  Hotel du Vin, Henley .

 ↑ Isn't it just the best when hotels have good samples! 
 ↑ This was the bath of dreams!! Ofcourse I had to fill it with LUSH bath bombs! 

- - ♥ - -
Dress: Topshop | Heels: River Island | Infinity Ring: Tiffany & Co | Gem Ring: Pandora 
- - - -

For my birthday Ian took me to the cutest hotel in Henley. The room was a traditional, french vibe with a giant free standing bath. For an avid bath lover like me, this was honesty the best! When we arrived in the room they had left some macaroons and a note wishing me a happy birthday which was so nice of them. If you're looking to find somewhere to relax, this is the place! We went to the hotel restaurant for dinner and I think it was one of the best meals I've had in a long time! Ian had the steak and I had stuffed peppers. For dessert I had the most amazing salted caramel tart and they had popped a candle in it! All the staff at Hotel du Vin were so lovely and really made the stay! 

Sorry to keep this post short, but some of these photos were too nice not to share!

Amber xo



  1. Glad you had a lovely birthday! Your outfit was gorgeous!

    Hannah | Oh January

  2. Amazing photos, love your dress! Just followed you on Instagram, mine is @louisefrancescaa! X

    The Fashion Road


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