Sunday, 6 November 2016

Oh hey, October Sun

  { Jandia, Fuerteventura }

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Swimsuit: ASOS | Sunglasses: River Island (now belong to the sea!)
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As I'm writing this post, I'm snuggled up in my dressing gown and it's raining outside - a completely different scene to what I have to share with you today.. I think I'm having some post sun blues! In October, Ian, some of our friends and I to decided to go on a little friends holiday to Fuerteventura to catch some sun before winter sets in. We were initially a bit worried that it might not actually be hot, especially because Fuerteventura is known for being the 'windy island' which you can definitely tell from the selfie we took, but thankfully it was hot hot hot!! The beach was right next to our hotel, Jandia Princess, with only the obstacle of some steep steps that kinda kills you a little bit on the way back up! 

We took these photos at the perfect time of day when the sun was hitting the sea beautifully and creating the most gorgeous shadows! In my opinion one of the best things about going abroad is being able to actually swim in the sea without being frozen to death! Ian tried to teach me to body board but I ended up beached on the sand quite a few times.. opps. I also got taken out by a massive wave and lost my sunglasses but hey, it was all in the name of fun! 

On another note, I seem to have developed an obsession with swimsuits! On this trip I brought 3 with me and I was living in them! I've never been a big fan of swimsuits in the past because I always thought they'd look unflattering on me but after giving them ago I'm now a convert! 

Amber xo

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