Monday, 2 January 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

I know what you're probably thinking, another cliche new years resolution post, and yes you're probably right - but to me there's something really therapeutic about gathering all my thoughts and expressing them with words. 2016 for me, especially towards the end, has been a year of change. I've completed two makeup courses, quit my job of 3 years, completely changed my career and found a first flat to move into with my boyfriend (bring on January 17th!). Along with this, I feel like I've completely grown as a person in 2016 and never felt more me! As someone who used to be quite scared of change and lived quite firmly in my comfort zone, this year I've learnt to embrace it and even encourage it! 

I don't really like the term 'resolutions' I prefer to think of them as goals to achieve and work towards throughout the year. Here are a few of mine -

1. Youtube: 2017 is the year I want to stop caring about what people think of me and do what I want and love. I feel like I really improved on this last year and am so happy that I managed to do two makeup courses let alone one! In 2016 I dabbed my feet into the youtube world, and I love it, but I didn't really give it my all and I want to change that. 

2. Blogging: I love blogging and have had this little blog in my life since 2014! There's never been a point in those years that I've wanted to give it up and if I've ever taken a break from posting it's because life just got busy. I want to dedicate more time to blogging every week as I actually find it so relaxing and therapeutic getting my thoughts out. 

3. 'Amber Louise Makeup Artist': I've written a whole post for QC Makeup Academy all about my makeup artistry goals for the coming year, so go read that if you're interested! I've absolutely loved working for QC Makeup Academy as a guest poster for their Beauty Buzz blog and would definitely like to continue that into 2017!

I'd love to hear some of your guys goals in the comments. 
Lots of love,

Amber xo

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  1. Your blog is sooo lovely! And you look stunning on those pics :) Just subscribed, I'm looking forward to your next posts ;)


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